A Boy and an Apple Tree

One time, there lived a big apple tree and a boy who liked to play around under the apple tree everyday. He was happy to climb up to the top of the tree, eat the fruit, a nap in the shade of the shade leaves. The boy loved the apple tree. Similarly, the apple tree is very love little boy too.

Time flies. The boy had grown big and no longer playing with the apple tree every day. One day he went to the apple tree. His face looked sad.

“Come over here and play with me,” said the apple tree.
“I’m not a little kid playing with the tree again,” replied the boy.
“I want to have toys, but I’m not having money to buy it.”
The tree replied, “Sorry, but I did not have money … but you can take all of my fruit and sell it. You can get the money to buy toys. “

The boy was very happy. He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily. However, after that the boy never came back. The tree was sad again.

One day the boy returned again. Tree was so excited.

“Come play with me anymore,” said the apple tree.
“I do not have the time,” replied the boy.
“I have to work for my family. We need a house for shelter. Will you help me? “
“Sorry, but I don’t have a house. But you can cut down all of my branches to build your house”, said the apple tree. Then the boy cut all of the branches and twigs that apple tree and left happily.
The tree was also felt happy to see the boy happy, but the boy never came back again. The tree was lonely and sad again.

One hot summer day, the boy returned again. The tree was delighted.

“Come and play again with me,” the tree said.
“I’m sad,” said the boy.
“I’m old and want to live in peace. I want to go on vacation and sailing. Will you give me a boat to cruise? “
“Sorry, but I don’t have a boat, but you may cut my trunk and use it to create a ship that you want. Go sailing and have fun. “Later, the boy cut the tree trunk and makes a dream ship.
He then went sailing and never again came to the apple tree.

Finally, the boy returned again after all these years later.

“I’m sorry my son,” said the apple tree.
“I do not have apple for you anymore.”
“It’s okay. I also have no teeth to bite your fruit, “replied the boy.
“I don’t have a trunk and branches you can climb,” said the apple tree.
“Now, I’m too old for that,” replied the boy.
“I really do not have anything more can I give to you. What remains is my roots old and dying, “said the apple tree with tears.
“I do not need anything else right now,” said the boy.
“I just need a place to rest. I was so tired after all these years. “
“Oooh, very nice. Do you know? The root of old trees is the best place to lie down and rest. Come, lay in the arms of my roots and rest in peace. “

The boy lay in the arms of tree roots.

The tree was glad and smiled with tears in his eyes

trimakasih renungannya…

renungan berikut ini: Misteri buah larangan yang tak masuk akal

terima kasih gan atas ceritanya :afro:
tapi udah sering dengar tuh gan ceritanya :slight_smile: