bendera israel

apakah bendera israel adalah bintang daud???
ada yang punya masukan???

Berdasarkan informasi yang saya baca, benar.

History of Design: The flag of The State of Israel includes two blue stripes on white background with a Shield b of David (in Hebrew: Magen David) in the center[/b]. This design was first displayed in Rishon-LeZion in 1885 and was also used at the First Zionist Congress in 1897 (Encyclopaedia Judaica, 1971). It was inspired by the tallit (the prayer shawl with blue stripes worn by Jews during prayer) as a symbol. The Star of David is a common symbol of the People of Israel from Biblical times. The flag was adopted officially on October 28, 1948 (25 Tishre, 5709) by the Speaker of the Provisional Council of State.

Specifications for the standard flag: Dimensions: 220 cm X 160 cm with white background. Two 25 cm wide horizontal blue stripes are placed 15 cm from the edges. The Shield of David, composed of two intersecting equilateral triangles, is located in the center of the flag. It measures 69 cm from top to bottom, with each side being 60 cm in length. The color of the stripes and the star may range from blue to Yale-blue.



Boleh ikutan bertanyaaa… pernah denger ato liat di film bahwa simbol ini sering digunakan untuk memanggil roh… apakah benar memang demikian…??? jangan2 symbol ini juga ada di dalam bait suci untuk memanggil ALLAH… yang sekarang diselewengkan oleh yg sesat untuk memanggil roh setan juga…

bendera israel → bintang daud.
bintang daud terdiri 6 sudut.

dibagi menjadi 2 segitiga dengan tiga sisi

1 segitiga dengan alas dibawah dan puncaknya di atas.
1 segitiga dengan alas diatas dengan puncaknya di bawah.

memberi arti

  1. Allah Bapa, Allah Putra dan Allah Roh Kudus → alas dibawah dan puncaknya diatas
  2. Tubuh, Jiwa dan Roh ( manusia )----> alas diatas dan puncaknya dibawah / terbalik

bersekutu menjadi satu.


Bro Cutz, itu arti menurut orang Kristen kalau itu kan benderanya Israel mana ada Trinitas ?
thanks & JBU

kita mengambil hikmahnya

walaupun sampai saat ini mereka belum percaya bahwa Mesias yang dijanjikan sudah datang, bahkan menyalibkan, tetapi mereka “tetap” umat pilihan Tuhan dan saatnya akan tiba, mereka akan dipulihkan dengan menerima Yesus adalah Mesias.
Allah tetap memperhatikan mereka, walaupun mereka keras tengkuk.

apakah kebetulan mereka menciptakan bendera dengan bintang daud ??

Mantap penjelasan saudara Khalil…Top Markotop…

GBU all

betul sekali broo…karena disetiap sudut bintang tsb mempunyai makna tersendiri untuk filosifinya,
sudah tentu filosofi ke-Ilahhian yang di gunakan / dianut oleh Israel.

kalo gasalah…beda broo…memang secara sekilas sama , tapi kalao diperhatikan berbeda…!! (mnurut saya loh…)
karena…melihatnya sekilas…!! tapi kalau lebi serius,ga tau deh…?? hehehhe

apakah maknanya???

Ada ulasan sbb :

[b]The Magen David (shield of David, or as it is more commonly known, the Star of David) is the symbol most commonly associated with Judaism today, [u]but it is actually a relatively new Jewish symbol[/u][/b]. It is supposed to represent the shape of King David's shield (or perhaps the emblem on it), but there is really no support for that claim in any early rabbinic literature. In fact, the symbol is so rare in early Jewish literature and artwork that art dealers suspect forgery if they find the symbol in early works.
Well, here is where it gets intriguing: M. Hirsch Goldberg in his book The Jewish Connection states: " The Star of David is not of Jewish origin - and the ancient Israelites never used it as their religious symbol" (they used the Menorah or Seven Candlestick). So, why did the six-pointed star become known as the Jewish star? [b]This symbol was widely adopted, not because the Jewish people chose it, but ironically because Adolph Hitler forced all Jews to wear a yellow six-pointed star during the holocaust. The word holocaust means burnt offering, and the six-pointed star was used in the past when burnt human sacrifices were offered to Moloch and Ashtoreth in Baal worship[/b]. The few Jews who had anything to do with the Six-Pointed star (hexagram) were those who were involved in occult practices. Back to Hitler, would he put anything good on a Jew? Hitler meant to insult and destroy the Jews, and being wrapped up in the occult (read the book, The Nazis and the Occult ), he may have meant the Jews to be his burnt offering for power. Today, most Jews wear this star by choice, and without thinking or checking out its origin and usage through time. Wearing the six-pointed star became a fashion.
[b]The Jewish view of God, which permitted no images of Him, was and still is opposed to the acceptance of any symbols, and neither the Bible nor the Talmud recognizes their existence. It is noteworthy, moreover, that the shield of David is not mentioned in rabbinical literature[/b]. The "Magen Dawid," therefore, probably did not originate withinRabbinism, the official and dominant Judaism for more than 2,000 years. Nevertheless, a David's shield has recently been noted on a Jewish tombstone at Tarentum, in southern Italy, which may date as early as the third century of the common era (see Herbert M. Adler in "J. Q. R." xiv. 111). The earliest Jewish literary source which mentions it, the "Eshkol ha-Kofer" of the Karaite Judah Hadassi (middle of the 12th cent.), says, in ch. 242: "Seven names of angels precede the mezuzah: Michael, Gabriel, etc. . . . Tetragrammaton protect thee! And likewise the sign called 'David's shield' is placed beside the name of each angel." It was, therefore, at this time a sign on amulets.

Read more: MAGEN DAWID -

berarti bukan dong???