Destined to Reign Devotional by Joseph Prince

Destined to Reign Devotional
Daily reflections for effortless success, wholeness and victorious living

In this fast-paced world where many things scream for our attention, Jesus tells us that only one thing is needful – sitting at His feet and allowing Him to minister to us through His Word.

Destined to Reign Devotional helps you do just that, with daily devotionals that will establish you firmly in the grace of God and new covenant truths. Come to know the tender heart of the Father toward you as well as the perfection of Jesus’ finished work. Each devotional inspires faith while dealing with practical issues such as wisdom, healing, provision and protection.

Expect to experience the amazing love and grace of God as you feed on His Word through these devotionals, and begin to see yourself enjoying wholeness and victorious living!

buku renungan harian untuk setaun penuh…
isinya ttg “receiving, receiving, receiving” dari Tuhan.

bagus jg untuk otot, otak dan hati tegang ^_^;;;

harganya nda tau, soalnya dipinjemin pacar.
mgkn yg rajin bs cek amazon ato web nya joseph prince.