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Dua hari lalu saya sedang post tentang salah satu artikel dari Eric namun karena sibuk saya berusaha meneruskan lain kali, sayangnya saya cari tidak ketemu lagi karena saya lupa forum apa dan mungkin sudah dihalaman berapa. Jadi sekarang saya kasih artikel ini juga dari eric. disertai copy document resmi. Kalau sobat2 mau klik di link yang saya warnai biru itu adalah copy dari document aslinya.
Jadi yang dikatakan eric itu bukan sekedar dongeng tapi betul2 ada document aslinya.
Dalam document yang agak sulit dibaca karena copynya sudah tua, ini Ordo Fransiscan membantu penjahat2perang pulang pergi dari roma spanyol dengan pasport/docoment palsu. Juga memberi bantuan keuangan pada uthasa, mungkin dari hasil pencurian emas milik korban ini, yang ditaruh di bank swiss atas nama account vatican bank.

Terlihat ada koneksi antara roma spanyol dan usthasha bisa dilihat dalam document ini.

This is a page from a 1946 US Intelligence report on the Ustasha. Note that the Ustasha had already moved much of their loot to Rome by 1946. The Vatican through Dominic Mandic, Chief Economist and General
Definitor of the Franciscan Order was providing financial means to the Ustasha. John Loftus who has researched these issues for well over a decade has written, Dominik Mandic controlled San Girolamos the ratline finances. Mandic arranged the laundering of Ustasha loot likely via the Franciscans Vatican Bank accounts to which he had access and placed the Franciscan printing presses at the disposal of the Ustasha to print false identity information for war criminals. -Unholy Trinity, page 118- Today the Franciscans deny their Nazi past.

Franciscan Treasurer Mandic provided “scholarships” so that Ustasha thugs and war criminals could freely transit between Spain in Rome in order to pursue their “studies.” Again the Franciscan OFM denies all knowledge.

Eric Jon Phelps: Zionist Promoter, Israeli Diamond
Merchant, New Ager, White Separatist

Eric Jon Phelps, proven to be an Israeli diamond trader and alleged to be author of Vatican Assassins, is under fire from many in the Patriot, Truth, and Christian communities as a fraud and liar. He’s also alleged to be a smear merchant, putting out false information claiming that Alex Jones is a paid CIA and Vatican agent. He also has falsely claimed that Pastor Butch Paugh, Texe Marrs, Jeff Rense, Constance Cumbey, Dr. Stan Monteith are all secretly Vatican Jesuit infiltrators. None of this is true, leading investigators to question who Eric Jon Phelps is and who is behind his smears and disinformation.

Daryl Bradford Smith, (, says that Phelps “should be considered part of the Zionist criminal network.” In a June 4, 2006 article entitled “White Supremacists—Are They Real Nazis or Ashkenazis (crypto-jews?),” Smith suggests that Phelps, an admitted white racist and separatist, may actually be an agent-provocateur faking his beliefs to attract support from Nazi-Aryan White Supremacist groups.

Smith may be right. Reportedly, Phelps was honored as guest speaker by a University of Oklahoma Hasidic (hard-core Zionist Orthodox) Jewish group. Hasidic Jews have a record of deep involvement in the Christ-hating Talmud and the sorcerous Cabala. The topic of Phelps’ address was “Jesuits, Jews, and Israel.”

Phelps, the Israeli Diamond Salesman
Eric Jon Phelps admits that he is a merchant to the wealthy of Israeli diamonds, direct from Tel Aviv ( We are not told by Phelps who the Jewish merchants in Tel Aviv are from whom he gets his diamonds wholesale. What we do know is that Phelps fails to tell his prospective gem buyers that Israeli crooks and gangsters run most of the lucrative “blood” diamond business, robbing and exploiting the people of impoverished African countries like Zaire, the Congo, and Liberia. Annually untold hundreds of people are murdered in a continuing holocaust in these primitive diamond regions in the quest for diamond profits.

Reportedly, among the Jewish billionaires responsible for this diamond-lust genocide is Maurice Templeman, who has given huge sums of campaign money to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Israel’s Emaxon Finance Corp is a major perpetrator in the Congo. Other Jewish diamond firms are run by DeBeers, Oppenheim, Hertzov, and Gertler. The latter man, Danny Gertler, is called “Mr. Diamond” by his associates.

These Israeli bums “steal” the diamonds from the poor black Africans and send them to Jewish firms in Tel Aviv, Israel, which controls over 65 percent of the worlds gem market.

Mr. Phelps claims to be a “historian and researcher.” If he is, then surely he knows of the misery, pain, and suffering inflicted by the Israelis in their greedy grab of diamonds and other natural resources of Africa. When the local people of darkest Africa object to their exploitation and slavery, the Israeli-controlled and bribed government troops move in to brutally put down the insurrections. Does Phelps know these things? Does he care?

The rich Jews in Africa even fly in their cabalistic rabbis for sacred Jewish rituals. Insiders report that these rabbis are regularly flown in from New York and Brussels.

To further his diamond business and perhaps to ingratiate himself with Israeli gem merchants, Eric Jon Phelps has made trips and visits to Israel. There he met with Israeli author Barry Chamish, a Zionist who criticizes and lobbies for his government to retain all the lands stolen from the oppressed Palestinians. Chamish, a supporter of an aggressive Israeli foreign policy, says that Phelps’ diatribes against the Catholics have been a “deep influence on my work.”

Eric Jon Phelps and Chamish met twice after Phelps arrival in Israel by air, May 28, 2003.

Phelps is an Admitted Tax Dodger
Eric Jon Phelps, of Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, brags that he is a tax dodger and has urged others to join the tax resistance movement as well. ( He admitted in a letter to his followers that he has not paid income taxes or filed IRS tax returns for some 25 years. He also refuses a social security number.

How does Phelps get away with this? Do his Jewish pals take care of him as far as IRS enforcement is concerned?

Strangely, while stoutly defending Israel and savagely attacking anyone who dares oppose Zionism, Phelps self-styles himself a “White American Freeman.” He says he believes in racism and racial separation, but insists he is a “good racist.”

Phelps: “I Am a Zionist”
Proclaiming himself to be a “Hebrew Israelite,” Phelps has also declared, “I am a Zionist” He even goes on to say that his goal is a “Fifth Monarchy” Israel Kingdom. “The beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites people have a right to live in their promised land,” Phelps writes, adding, “I am of the fifth category of Zionists.”

The folks at (10/3/2002) call Phelps a “hit man for the Jews, a complete shill,” brimming, they say, with lies and disinformation.

Can a White Supremacist embrace Zionism and Israel? If so, why doesn’t the Jewish ADL endorse David Duke?

Phelps Welcomed on Israel National Radio
Phelps calls the Jews his “beloved,” and they sure respond to his flatteries. According to Israel National Radio, Phelps anti-Catholic views were warmly welcomed in Israel as Phelps guested on that network’s popular “The Tamar Yonah Show” ( Tamar Yonah, host of the government subsidized Israeli radio program, bills her show as one that conducts “interviews with the movers and shakers in Israel.”

Is Phelps, a former concrete mixer and Bible School student and now an Israeli diamond merchant, one of those “movers and shakers” in Israel?

John Kaminski, well-known internet researcher and essayist, says he believes flat-out that Eric Jon Phelps, masquerading as a “White American Freeman,” is, in reality, simply a Jew. Kaminski also suggests that Phelps is likely a FBI stooge. According to Kaminski, Phelps uses special codewords to let Jews know he is one of them. For example, Phelps says that, “Jesus is the Jewish Son of God.” Does this mean that Jesus is today a fleshly Jew in heaven? Does Phelps deny the bible’s clear teaching that our majestic God is a Spirit and has no fleshly body?

Phelps Smears 9/11 Truth Movement
Eric Jon Phelps has savagely attacked most of the patriots and constitutionalists who are courageously working to get out the truth about the monstrous 9/11 cover-up. Phelps does the dirty work of the elite and brands such people as Dr. Stan Monteith, Alex Jones, Eric Huffschmidt, Texe Marrs, Butch Paugh, Eustace Mullins, and Jeff Rense Vatican agents of the Black Pope of the Catholic Jesuits. This even though many of these good people—Texe Marrs, Butch Paugh, and others—have long been in the forefront of unmasking the errors and crimes of the Vatican, way before Phelps came on the scene with his bogus book and his lying smears and libels.

According to Phelps, “The 9/11 Truth Movement is totally compromised,” and its leaders, he claims, are “treasonous traitors” and “gatekeepers for Rome.” Again, no proof, just smears and lies.

Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and other neocon criminals who perpetrated 9/11 must be very proud of the support they are getting from Eric Jon Phelps. His lies are greatly assisting their continuing cover-up.

The Craig Oxley Connection: Promoting Zionism & Israel
One of Phelps more avid supporters is a mysterious character named Craig Oxley from Europe. “Oxley,” if that is his real name, has a website and internet radio show called “Unhived.” When told by concerned patriots that Eric Jon Phelps, unbeknownst to most of his adoring anti-Catholic fans, is, in fact a merchant of Jewish supplied diamonds and a rabid Zionist, Oxley admitted that, yes, he knows these things. But, so what? “We must remember,” Oxley wrote, “that Israel is simply the 51st state in the United States, in reality.” (see

Possibly, Zionist apologist Mr. Oxley is blissfully unaware that an Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, is now locked away in an U.S.A. prison cell. Pollard was convicted of stealing some of America’s most precious military secrets and funneling them via the Israeli Mossad to Communist China, one of socialist Israel’s fast allies.

Phelps: Strange and Bizarre Zionist Profiteer
So there you have it. Eric Jon Phelps, Israeli diamond merchant, Zionist advocate, Jesuit “exposer” (not!), and “White American Freeman” of the “Fifth Monarch” of Israel. Strange and bizarre, indeed.

The Zionist criminals are well aware of the schism between Catholics and Protestants. They intend to use this divide to insidiously plant gossip, rumors, lies, and disinformation. Phelps, whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether duped or paid intentional provocateur, is greatly assisting them with his false and unfounded accusations against patriots, 9/11 Truthers, true Christian believers, and others. He is, in our opinion, a “Zionist Profiteer,” and deserves to be exposed for his falsehoods and underhandedness.

Many think that Phelps is simply a “crazy” and a dupe. Maybe, but true Christians have labored for many years unmasking the New Age movement, the global conspiratorial elite, and yes, the Jesuits and the Vatican. Phelps’ ridiculous claims about the Jesuits cause many to scorn and ridicule the work done by legitimate researchers. If this individual is not a government or Mossad-paid shill, he certainly is a good imitation. All lovers of freedom and truth are urged to shun Mr. Phelps and to pitch his flawed and worthless book in the trash can.

Memang benar eric pedagang diamond dan juga mengarah white supremacy. Tapi yang disampaikan itu adalah documented
Kita harus mulai melihat apa yang disampaikan bukan siapa yang menyampaikan.

Kalau kita lihat siapa yang menyampaikan bukankah kita juga prejudice.

Dalam salah satu komentarnya, William Cooper, bekas Intel yang sudah punya jabatan tinggi dan 18 tahun bekerja sebagai pemberi penjelasan2 tentang document2 pada para jendral, merekam salah satu siaran alex jone dan membuktikan sebagai kebohongan, dengan segala bukti.

Memang banyak orang, seperti penyiar Greg Siswansky dll juga mengatakan hal yang sama tentang alex jone.

Bahwa ada hubungan antara roma, ordo Fransican dan athasa dukungan nazi itu terdapat dalam document resmi badan CIA yang kalau ditelusuri lebih lanjut informasi ini berasal dari ketua agen rahasia vatican sendiri.

Kalau mau link lebih lanjut

Eric Jon Phelps: Vatican Jesuit - Similar
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Betul bro, kita harus melihat apa yang ‘disampaikannya’ apakah layak kita masukan kedalam benak kita atau bisa kita lempar ke tempat sampah, seperti yang tertulis di reply saya di atas :

All lovers of freedom and truth are urged to shun Mr. Phelps and to pitch his flawed and worthless book in the trash can.


yang ini link tulisan dari levy sendiri yaitu pengacara yang menuntut vatican. Ternyata Pavelic pimpinan yang membantai orang2 serbia Yahudi dll itu tahun 1945 sampai 1947 adalah tamu kehormatan vatican dan secara terang2an tinggal di amerika/southern California selama lebih dari tigapuluh tahun dan mendapat perlindungan khusus dari kongres.

Ada permainan apa antara nazi, vatican dan amerika?

Benar kata eric amerika secara politik sudah dikuasai vatican.

Belanda yang minoritas bisa menjajah indonesia selama ratusan tahun.

Inggris yang minoritas di India juga bisa menjajah india pakistan dll.

Bukan masalah mayoritas atau minoritas tapi masalah apakah punya kemauan dan keahlian untuk menguasai negara.

Sesuai dengan sumpah jesuit yang akan menguasai dan menghancurkan setiap negara, barangkali untuk dibangun jadi new world order.

Perlu saya tambahkan pada waktu levy menulis bahwa FR pavelic mendapat perlindungan khusus dari konggres amerika, tentu bukan khayalan saja, dia menulis dibukunya yang bisa dibaca setiap orang, jadi kalau dia menipu akan ditangkap polisi sebagai memfitnah kongres amerika.

Vatican Sued for Looting Nazi Gold Under CIA, MI Permission: The … - Similar
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Levy v. Army & CIA C-00-3103 PJH - A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking declassification of Army and CIA files about the chief of the Vatican " ratline …

Most remarkable among the Nazis postwar were the Croatian Ustashe. Unlike the Germans whose major criminals faced a war crimes tribunal at Nuremburg, virtually the entire Ustashe hierarchy including their leader or Poglavnik [9], Ante Pavelic, escaped justice. And even more surprisingly they took with them into exile the monetary proceeds of the extermination of 750,000 Serbs, Jews, and Roma. Pavelic, known as the “butcher of the Balkans”, was an honored guest at the Vatican between 1945 and 1947 [10] while other war criminals swing from a noose. Artukovic, the Himmler of Croatia, the man responsible for death camps where hundreds of thousands of Serbs were shot, burned alive, or bludgeoned to death with special hammers, lived openly in Southern California for over thirty years, while private Congressional bills assured his safety from deportation [11]. Other Ustashe, such as the sadist Luburic, purchased villas in Spain [12] or started new lives as businessman in Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. But, unlike other ex-Nazis, the Ustashe did not lose their fascist ideology, instead they openly reestablished their Nazi party in Buenos Aires and by 1956 were beginning a new campaign of terror which ultimately reached the United States in the 1970s and 1980s resulting in hijackings, bombings, and murders [13].

Kalau anda rupanya penggemar Conspiracy theory, mungkin asik ya bro. Kalau saya sih melihatnya sekedar orang cari sensasi aja. Malas bacanya.


Betul, singa malas membaca, rajin membahas, tidak ada input, mangap terus!

Kamu tidak malu berceloteh bagai orang sakit jiwa seperti itu dul?
Diskusi anda tidak mampu, ngoceh cuma mengomentari avatar orang lain.
Forum ini dibaca banyak orang dul, jangan kotori dengan komen komen ngga mutu seperti itu.

Eh, ada orang yang marah-marah ke orang sakit jiwa? lapor ke momod solusinya bro, biarlah hakim menentukan siapa yang sakit jiwa, anda tamu di sini, saya mau baca topic, eh, katamu ada orang gila, ya saya keluar saja ah!

Apa anda begitu tidak punya malu, membuat nick ngedabrus hanya untuk ngejunk, membuat kloningan jet lele, hanya untuk menyampah di FK?

Pergunakan waktu dan jatah bandwidth anda untuk sesuatu yang lebih berguna dul, jangan biasakan diri menjadi sampah tak berguna. Kasihani bapak dan ibu anda yang berlelah lelah membiayai sekolah anda, hasilnya menjadi mahluk tak berguna seperti anda ini.

bruce, bruce kamu lagi kamu lagi
ayo baikan sama yang lain ya senangnya koq bertengkar terus? :rolleye0014:

Jet Lele & Ngedabrus BTT ya :ashamed0004:

Bro Bruce,
Conspiracy itu adalah rencana rahasia, atau plotting untuk melakukan tindakan diluar hukum. yang dilakukan oleh kelompok manusia. Memang disini terlihat ada kelompok (vatican) tentu tidak semua orang di vatican, Amerika (tentu tidak semua rakyat amerika, hanya beberapa anggota congres saja, ini terdocument,) dan athasa, organisasi yang dipimpin orang2 ordo katolik Fransican, kalau baca tulisan avro manhattan akan terlihat foto2 dan document2nya, dan bisa di akses online free.

Kalau conspiracy sudah masuk ke pengadilan dan dibuktikan bersalah, didukung dengan document2 yang resmi, maka sebagai orang kristen kita harus prihatin.

Ingat bahwa tidak ada gejala2 amerika memojokan vatican, bahkan amerika melindungi agent vatican dengan tidak tanggung2 ada bill kusus dari us congres yang melindunginya.

Akhirnya public membongkar dengan tuntutan ke pengadilan resmi di Sanfransisco. Dan ada verdict dari Jury disertai document2 dari CIA yang dengan terpaksa karena tuntutan levy yang sampai lebih dari setahun, yang akhirnya demi hukum Jury memberi verdict memenangkan tuntutan levy.

Ingat ini bukan permainan pengadilan karena hakim di amerika tidak mementukan verdict, yang menentukan adala Jury yang dipilih random dan diawasi kedua belah pihak baik tertuntut maupun yang dituntut kalau melihat adanya Jury yang meragukan bisa langsung di ganti.

Jadi yang plot itu bukan public tapi vatican, amerika dan athasa, yang dikendalikan jesuit.

Public yang dalam hal ini korban yang kebanyakan dipihak orthodox dan yahudi, membongkar conspiracy sehingga tidak lagi rahasia.

Ini ada difinisi conspiracy

con·spir·a·cy/kənˈspirəsē/Noun: 1.A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
2.The action of plotting or conspiring.


Ya ya ya ya, he he he he, mungkin juga sebenarnya Barrack Obama adalah calon Paus setelah Benedictus XVI, bro. Who knows? Namanya juga rahasia ya.