"Gereja" Atheist ???

Britain’s First Atheist Church The Sunday Assembly Meets In North London

Britain's first atheist church held its inaugural meeting on Sunday, gathering at a former church in North London to sing songs and celebrate life - just with no mention of the man upstairs.

The Sunday Assembly is a godless gathering set up by comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans but is more than just a live comedy show.

It is championed as chance for disillusioned former believers, nostalgic atheists and anybody searching for a sense of community, to meet and “turn good intentions into action.”

With the tag line ‘live better, help often, wonder more’ the brainchild has the pastoral aims of provoking kindness and encouraging people to volunteer in their local community.

The gathering focussed on the subject of ‘Beginnings’, ushering in the New Year and the first meeting with musings on how to ‘start things’ and avoid ‘mental booby traps.’

Songs such as Oasis ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ were sung and guest speaker Andy Stanton, the children’s author who created the cult Mr. Gum series explained how he achieved his success.

Yet the idea has come under attack from both atheists and the religious. Aside from accusations that the comedians are merely publicity seeking, some have criticised the concept of an ‘atheist church’ in itself.

Critics have suggested by holding the meeting in an old church, (albeit deconsecrated) and by following a format of songs interspersed by reading and addresses, the comedians are at risk of turning atheism into its own sort of religion.

Revd Saviour Grech of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Roman Catholic Church in Clerkenwell told the Islington Gazette “How can you be an atheist and worship in a church? Surely it’s a contradiction of terms. Who will they be singing to?

“It is important to debate and engage with atheists but for them to establish a church like any other religious denomination is going too far. I’m cautious about it.”

Whatever the critics say, their first meeting proved popular with over 200. people flocking to the Islington venue, according the Independent, a much more robust gathering than many churches scare up for Sunday services.

With religion in decline, those identifying themselves as having no religion has increased by 10 percentage points from 15%, 7.7 million people, in 2001 to 25%, 14.1 million, last year, according to the latest census.


What happens at an atheist church?
4 February 2013

An "atheist church" in North London is proving a big hit with non-believers. Does it feel a bit like a new religion?

Not many sermons include the message that we are all going to die and there is no afterlife. But the Sunday Assembly is no ordinary church service.

Launched last month, as a gathering for non-believers, it is, in the words of master of ceremonies Sanderson Jones, “part foot-stomping show, part atheist church, all celebration of life”.

A congregation of more than 300 crowded into the shell of a deconsecrated church to join the celebration on Sunday morning.

Instead of hymns, the non-faithful get to their feet to sing along to Stevie Wonder and Queen songs.

There is a reading from Alice in Wonderland and a power-point presentation from a particle physicist, Dr Harry Cliff, who explains the origins of antimatter theory.

It feels like a stand-up comedy show. Jones and co-founder Pippa Evans trade banter and whip the crowd up like the veterans of the stand-up circuit that they are.

But there are more serious moments.

The theme of the morning is “wonder” - a reaction, explains Jones, to criticism that atheists lack a sense of it.

So we bow our heads for two minutes of contemplation about the miracle of life and, in his closing sermon, Jones speaks about how the death of his mother influenced his own spiritual journey and determination to get the most out of every second, aware that life is all too brief and nothing comes after it.

The audience - overwhelmingly young, white and middle class - appear excited to be part of something new and speak of the void they felt on a Sunday morning when they decided to
abandon their Christian faith. Few actively identify themselves as atheists.

“It’s a nice excuse to get together and have a bit of a community spirit but without the religion aspect,” says Jess Bonham, a photographer.

“It’s not a church, it’s a congregation of unreligious people.”

Another attendee, Gintare Karalyte, says: “I think people need that sense of connectedness because everyone is so singular right now, and to be part of
something, and to feel like you are part of something. That’s what people are craving in the world.”

The number of people declaring themselves to be of “no religion” in England and Wales has increased by more than six million since 2001 to 14.1 million, according to the latest census. That makes England and Wales two of the most unreligious nations in the Western world.

Figures such as writer Richard Dawkins and comedian Ricky Gervais have made it fashionable to be more assertive about having a lack of religious faith and to think about what it means to be an atheist.

And writer Alain De Botton has unveiled a Manifesto for Atheists, listing 10 virtues - or as the press has already dubbed them “commandments” - for the faithless.


Gereja Atheis Diminati Hingga Ke Bali
Sun, 17 March 2013

Fenomena didirikannya Gereja Atheis di Inggris bernama Sunday Assembly atau Sidang Jemaat Minggu ternyata mulai banyak diminati. Para pengurus gereja ini mengaku kewalahan menanggapi permintaan untuk mendirikan cabang di luar Inggris.

Salah satu pendiri gereja tersebut Sanderson Jones mengatakan bahwa banyaknya peminat adalah dampak dari menariknya “ibadah” yang mereka lakukan. Gereja yang diikuti oleh sekelompok atheis tersebut berkumpul menyanyi, mendengarkan pidato, saling berdialog namun tanpa topik yang ada hubungannya dengan agama dan juga tanpa penyembahan
kepada Tuhan tentunya.

Seperti diketahui Gereja yang didirikan oleh dua orang komedian Inggris, Pippa Evans dan Sanderson Jones ini mempunyai tata cara ibadah yang hampir mirip dengan gereja pada umumnya. Mereka mengklaim bahwa telah ada 200 orang peminta menanyakan bagaimana cara membuka cabang di luar Inggris. “Ada banyak hal mengenai gereja yang tidak
berhubungan dengan keagamaan. Misalnya bersosialisasi dan memikirkan bagaimana cara memperbaiki kualitas hidup,” ujar Jones.

Evans sendiri mengungkapkan bahwa gereja atheis begitu diminati karena pada dasarnya penduduk Inggris membutuhkan wadah untuk bersosialisasi tanpa harus pergi ke pub atau membayar uang hanya untuk berkumpul. Hingga kini, peminat untuk mendirikan gereja ini di negara lain sangat tinggi, termasuk Bali, Indonesia. “Kolombia, Bali, Meksiko,
houston, , Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, Ohio, Calgary, Den Haag, Vienna, Dimana-mana ada peminat sampai saya pusing,” ujar Evans.

Akan ada banyak fenomena seperti Gereja Atheis yang akan muncul. Untuk itu, keimanan kita akan terus diuji untuk selalu memuji dan memuliakan Kristus. Karena hidup tanpa Kristus adalah sebuah kehampaan dan tanpa pengharapan.


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