'Harry Potter' Actor Stabbed to Death

Sunday, May. 25, 2008

(AP / LONDON) — A British teenage actor playing a minor role in the upcoming “Harry Potter” film was stabbed to death during a brawl in London on Saturday, police said.

Rob Knox, 18, was stabbed after he got caught up in a fight outside a bar in southwest London early Saturday, London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

Knox plays Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby in the upcoming film “Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince,” the sixth installment of the popular series set for release in November.

Warner Bros., the studio that is producing the film, said it was shocked by the news.

Knox was one of five young men taken to various hospitals after the brawl, police said. Among them was a 21-year-old who has since been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The fight did not appear to be gang-related, police added, but it puts the number of violent teenage deaths in London at 14 so far this year.


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Slug Club

The Slug Club is the informal name given to a group of students favoured by Slughorn, based either on their connections to important people; or on his belief they have traits, such as ambition, intelligence, charm, and talent, which will make them important and famous when they leave school. Much to Draco Malfoy’s displeasure, Slughorn excludes students who are related to Death Eaters. Throughout the school year, Slughorn organises dinners and parties at which he makes introductions and forges useful contacts between members. According to Molly Weasley, the Ministry of Magic is “littered with Slughorn’s old favourites,” suggesting that being connected to Slughorn is an excellent way to network.

In Half-Blood Prince, Harry is invited to the first meeting held on the Hogwarts Express. Slughorn also invited Neville Longbottom and Marcus Belby, but later snubbed them both and continued to invite Harry, Cormac McLaggen, Blaise Zabini, and Ginny Weasley to meetings and parties, and later invited Hermione Granger after getting to know her across the first weeks of school. Slughorn often invites a famous person to meetings and parties, such as Gwenog Jones and author Eldred Worple, in order to forge contacts with students. Harry, who is not particularly fond of Slughorn, manages to avoid most of the other Slug Club meetings due to scheduling conflicts with Dumbledore’s private lessons, detentions with Snape, or Quidditch practices, which he deliberately schedules in order to conflict with Slug Club meetings.

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‘HARRY POTTER’ Bakal Dijadikan Film Porno!
Setelah Batman, Superman, dan The Simpsons menjadi inspirasi film dewasa, kali ini giliran film terkenal HARRY POTTER. Bahkan, film porno berdasarkan film penyihir remaja ini akan dimunculkan dalam versi 3D!


Setelah Batman, Superman, dan The Simpsons menjadi inspirasi film dewasa, kali ini giliran film terkenal HARRY POTTER. Bahkan, film porno berdasarkan film penyihir remaja ini akan dimunculkan dalam versi 3D!

Adalah Hustler Video yang berencana mengadaptasi kisah petualangan tiga sahabat, Harry, Ron, dan Hermione, menjadi sebuah film erotis. Film yang akan segera digarap ini bahkan sudah memiliki judul resmi, yakni THIS AIN’T HARRY POTTER XXX 3D.

“Kami sangat bersemangat melanjutkan tren yang kami mulai dengan THIS AIN’T AVATAR XXX 3D dan THIS AIN’T GHOSTBUSTER XXX 3D. Kami mendapat kesempatan untuk belajar dari dua film sebelumnya, terutama yang berhubungan dengan efek 3D, untuk mengubah parodi Harry Potter menjadi sebuah film Hollywood sejati,” ungkap Drew Rosenfeld, Creative Director dari Hustler Video.

“Selain itu, dengan Harry, Ron, dan Hermione yang sudah menginjak umur 18 tahun dan semuanya sudah dewasa, ini adalah kesempatan yang bagus untuk memparodikan karakternya, dan mempersembahkan imajinasi kami atas apa yang terjadi di balik pintu-pintu Hogwarts yang tertutup,” lanjut sang Director.

Walau sudah sangat pasti akan segera digarap, para pemeran untuk film yang akan dirilis akhir tahun ini masih belum akan ditentukan. Apakah Daniel Radcliffe , Emma Watson , dan Rupert Grint? Oh, no! (ace/mae)

sumber: http://id.omg.yahoo.com/news/harry-potter-bakal-dijadikan-film-porno-khjx-0000356175.html