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mau nanya dong, beberapa artis yang gue suka itu kayak Christina Perri, Maroon5, The Wanted, denger denger mereka itu illuminati (menurkar nyawanya demi kesenangan dunia pada setan).
itu efek buruk kan pastinya buat kita yang ga tau atau ga sengaja telah denger-denger lagunya? efeknya apa? peneguhan dong biar ga denger lagu lagu mereka lagi!
denger denger juga hillsong juga illuminati. AAHH dunia makin kejam sekarang-_- mohon peneguhanya ya buat semua.

Thanks. Be blessed by our Lord, Jesus Christ:)

Musik mempengaruhi jiwa

Dengarlah musik-musik rohani , jauhi musik2 dunia

beda donk sis artis dunia sama hillsong (australia,london etc), dengar dari mana ya? sumber yang terpercaya bukan? :onion-head33:


Kacau balau semua lahir dari prasangka dan menjadi-jadi. Bicara tanda bukti dan dasar itu bukannya biasa kita sebut fitnah. Kalau tidak salah juga di Alkitab pemfitnah ga dapat jatah di Kerjaan Surga.

Berpikirlah positif, lupakanlah main hakim dan pengacara didalam kerohanian. Lebih baik melakukan yang positif dan yang dapat dilakukan dari pada ngegosip yang ga jelas.

bukan gitu maksudnya masbro. soalnya gue juga pernah baca di situs blogger ttg kesaksian gitu, bagi orang yang dengerin lagunya bahkan jadi penggemarnya, itu dianggap antikris juga, bro. mesti hati hati dalam dengerin lagu gitu. dunia kejaam :tuzki70:

menurut ane sih, ga ada maling yang ngaku, jadi kalo mereka ngaku, yah namanya konspirasi

konspirasi seperti kek yang diutarakan TS, secara ga langsung, dia menyebutkan label maroon 5 dan artis lai antikris, dan sebagian dari kita akan mencari tahu apakah statement ini benar atau tidak

intinya bukan itu, intinya adalah promosi terselubung.

tapi hati hati, barang siapa menggunakan “namanya”, seperti 666 kek yang wahyu bilang

mungkin berlaku pada illuminati @_@

coba search lagi soal antikris, mereka yang resist sama KRISTUS, membenci ROH KUDUS dan menghujat Allah, temen ane dengerin slipknot si pemuja 666 dan baphomet, tapi doi main lagunya gospel semua :smiley:


The name assumed by the members of a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776.


Weishaupt was born of Westphalian parents at Ingolstadt (Bavaria), on 6 February, 1748, and lost his father in 1753. Although educated at a Jesuit school, he fell early under the influence of his free-thinking godfather, the director of the high-school of Ickstatt, to whom he owed his appointment as professor of civil law at the University of Ingolstadt in 1772. He was the first layman to occupy the chair of canon law at this university (1773), but, in consequence of the growing rationalistic influence which he exerted over the students both in his academic capacity and in his personal intercourse with them, he came into ever sharper collision with the loyal adherents of the Church and with those who were influential in government circles. As, furthermore, his obstinate nature led him to quarrel with almost everyone with whom his intercourse was at all prolonged, he felt the need of a powerful secret organization to support him in the conflict with his adversaries and in the execution of his rationalistic schemes along ecclesiastical and political lines. At first (1774) he aimed at an arrangement with the Freemasons. Closer inquiry, however, destroyed his high estimate of this organization, and he resolved to found a new society which, surrounded with the greatest possible secrecy, would enable him most effectually to realize his aims and could at all times be precisely adapted to the needs of the age and local conditions.

His order was to be based entirely on human nature and observation; hence its degrees, ceremonies, and statutes were to be developed only gradually; then, in the light of experience and wider knowledge, and with the co-operation of all the members, they were to be steadily improved. For his prototype he relied mainly on Freemasonry, in accordance with which he modelled the degrees and ceremonial of his order. After the pattern of the Society of Jesus, though distorting to the point of caricature its essential features, he built up the strictly hierarchical organization of his society. “To utilize for good purposes the very means which that order employed for evil ends”, such was, according to Philo (Endl. Erkl., 60 sq.), “his pet design”. For the realization of his plans, he regarded as essential the “despotism of superiors” and the “blind, unconditional obedience of subordinates” (ibid.), along with the utmost secrecy and mysteriousness. At the beginning of 1777 he entered a Masonic Lodge and endeavoured, with other members of the order, to render Freemasonry as subservient as possible to his aims. As Weishaupt, however, despite all his activity as an agitator and the theoretic shrewdness he displayed, was at bottom only an unpractical bookworm, without the necessary experience of the world, his order for a long time made no headway. The accession to it, in 1780, of the Masonic agent Freiherr von Knigge (Philo), a man of wide experience and well known everywhere in Masonic circles, gave matters a decisive turn. In company with Weishaupt, who, as a philosopher and jurist, evolved the ideas and main lines of the constitution, Knigge began to elaborate rapidly the necessary degrees and statutes (until 1780 the Minerval degree was the only one in use), and at the same time worked vigorously to extend the order, for which within two years he secured 500 members. When the great international convention of Freemasons was held at Wilhelmsbad (16 July to 29 August, 1782) the “Illuminated Freemasonry”, which Knigge and Weishaupt now proclaimed to be the only “pure” Freemasonry, had already gained such a reputation that almost all the members of the convention clamoured for admission into the new institution. Particularly valuable for the order was the accession of Bode (Amelius), who commanded the highest respect in all Masonic circles. Assisted by Bode, Knigge laboured diligently to convert the whole Masonic body into “Illuminated Freemasons”. A number of the most prominent representatives of Freemasonry and “enlightenment” became Illuminati, including, in 1783, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, the foremost leader of European Freemasonry and the princely representative of the illuminism of his age. Other famous members were Goethe, Herder, and Nicolai. The order was also propagated in Sweden, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, and France. But in 1783 dissensions arose between Knigge and Weishaupt, which resulted in the final withdrawal of the former on 1 July, 1784. Knigge could no longer endure Weishaupt’s pedantic domineering, which frequently assumed offensive forms. He accused Weishaupt of “Jesuitism”, and suspected him of being “a Jesuit in disguise” (Nachtr., I, 129). “And was I”, he adds, “to labour under his banner for mankind, to lead men under the yoke of so stiff-necked a fellow?–Never!”



Moreover, in 1783 the anarchistic tendencies of the order provoked public denunciations which led, in 1784, to interference on the part of the Bavarian Government. As the activity of the Illuminati still continued, four successive enactments were issued against them (22 June, 1784; 2 March, and 16 August, 1785; and 16 August, 1787), in the last of which recruiting for the order was forbidden under penalty of death. These measures put an end to the corporate existence of the order in Bavaria, and, as a result of the publication, in 1786, of its degrees and of other documents concerning it–for the most part of a rather compromising nature–its further extension outside Bavaria became impossible. The spread of the spirit of the Illuminati, which coincided substantially with the general teachings of the “enlightenment”, especially that of France, was rather accelerated than retarded by the persecution in Bavaria. In two letters addressed to the Bishop of Freising (18 June and 12 November, 1785) Pius VI had also condemned the order. As early as 16 February, 1785, Weishaupt had fled from Ingolstadt, and in 1787 he settled at Gotha. His numerous apologetic writings failed to exonerate either the order or himself. Being now the head of a numerous family, his views on religious and political matters grew more sober. After 1787 he renounced all active connexion with secret societies, and again drew near to the Church, displaying remarkable zeal in the building of the Catholic church at Gotha. he died on 18 November, 1830, “reconciled with the Catholic Church, which, as a youthful professor, he had doomed to death and destruction”–as the chronicle of the Catholic parish in Gotha relates.

Objects and organization

As exhibiting the objects and methods of the order, those documents are authoritative which are given in the first and second sections of works in the bibliography. The subsequent modifications of the system, announced by Weishaupt in his writings after 1785, are irrelevant, since the order had spread far and wide before these modifications were published. The above-named documents reveal as the real object of the Illuminati the elaboration and propagation of a new popular religion and, in the domain of politics, the gradual establishment of a universal democratic republic. In this society of the future everything, according to Weishaupt, was to be regulated by reason. By “enlightenment” men were to be liberated from their silly prejudices, to become “mature” or “moral”, and thus to outgrow the religious and political tutelage of Church and State, of “priest and prince”. Morals was the science which makes man “mature”, and renders him conscious of his dignity, his destiny, and his power. The principal means for effecting the “redemption” was found in unification, and this was to be brought about by “secret schools of wisdom”. These “schools”, he declares, “were always the archives of nature and of the rights of man; through their agency, man will recover from his fall; princes and nations, without violence to force them, will vanish from the earth; the human race will become one family, and the world the habitation of rational beings. Moral science alone will effect these reforms ‘imperceptibly’; every father will become, like Abraham and the patriarchs, the priest and absolute lord of his household, and reason will be man’s only code of law” (“Nachtr.”, p. 80 sq.; repeated verbatim in Knigge, “Die neuesten Arbeiten”, p. 38). This redemption of mankind by the restoration of the original “freedom and equality” through “illumination” and universal charity, fraternity, and tolerance, is likewise the true esoteric doctrine of Christ and his Apostles. Those in whom the “illuminating” grace of Christ is operative (cf. Hebrews 6:4) are the “Illuminati”. The object of pure (i.e. illuminated) Freemasonry is none other than the propagation of the “enlightenment” whereby the seed of a new world will be so widely scattered that no efforts at extirpation, however violent, will avail to prevent the harvest (“Nachtr.”, pp. 44, 118; “Die neuesten Arb.”, pp. 11, 70). Weishaupt later declared (Nachtrag zu meiner Rechtfertigung, 77 sqq., 112 sqq.) that Masonry was the school from which “these ideas” emanated.



These objects of the order were to be revealed to members only after their promotion to the “priestly” degree (Nachtr., I, 68). The preliminary degrees were to serve for the selection, preparation, and concealment of the true “Illuminati”; the others were to open the way for the free religion and social organization of the future, in which all distinction of nations, creeds, etc., would disappear. The government of the order was administered by the superiors of the Minerval “churches”, “provincials”, “nationals”, and “areopagites” (who constituted the supreme council), under the direction of Weishaupt as general of the order. Members were acquainted only with their immediate superiors, and only a few trusted members knew that Weishaupt was the founder and supreme head of the order. All the members were obliged to give themselves a training in accordance with the aims of the society, and to make themselves useful, while the order, on its part, pledged itself to further their interests by the most effectual means. They were especially recommended to systematically observe persons and events, to acquire knowledge, and to pursue scientific research in so far as it might serve the purposes of the order. Concerning all persons with whom they had intercourse they were to gather information, and on all matters which could possibly affect either themselves or the order they were to hand in sealed reports; these were opened by superiors unknown to the writers, and were, in substance, referred to the general. The purpose of this and other regulations was to enable the order to attain its object by securing for it a controlling influence in all directions, and especially by pressing culture and enlightenment into its service. All illuministic and official organs, the press, schools, seminaries, cathedral chapters (hence, too, all appointments to sees, pulpits, and chairs) were to be brought as far as possible under the influence of the organization, and princes themselves were to be surrounded by a legion of enlightened men, in order not only to disarm their opposition, but also to compel their energetic co-operation. A complete transformation would thus be effected; public opinion would be controlled; “priests and princes” would find their hands tied; the marplots who ventured to interfere would repent their temerity; and the order would become an object of dread to all its enemies.

Concerning the influence actually exerted by the Illuminati, the statements of ex-Freemasons—L.A. Hossman, J.A. Starck, J. Robinson, the Abbé Barruel, etc.–must be accepted with reserve, when they ascribe to the order a leading rôle in the outbreak and progress of the French Revolution of 1789. Their presentation of facts is often erroneous, their inferences are untenable, and their theses not only lack proof, but, in view of our present knowledge of the French Revolution (cf., e.g., Aulard, “Hist. pol. de la Rév. Franç.”, 3rd ed., 1905; Lavisse-Rambaud, “Hist. générale”, VIII, 1896), they are extremely improbable. On the other hand, once it had discarded, after 1786, the peculiarities of Weishaupt, “Illuminationism” was simply the carrying out of the principles of “enlightenment”; in other words, it was Freemasonry and practical Liberalism adapted to the requirements of the age; as such it exerted an important influence on the intellectual and social development of the nineteenth century.

Mudah mudahan membantu


pake bahasa indonesia aja masbro-sis-_- itu ga bisa 100% ngartiin masalanya ehehe. but thanks buat infonya, harus tetep berjaga nih! :tuzki21:

haaa masa?? lagu gospel semua?? kok gitu?? parah banget ih. infonya dong bro buat hillsong?

Ketemu juga artikelnya tentang hillsong iluminati… Bener itu ada di internet tapi aku belum baca, lagi diterjemahkan

hmmmm… pantau dulu ah cobaa… pengen tahu Hillsong Iluminati kabarnay gmn…??? ^^ jgn2 HOAX aja…

Maroon 5 iluminati? apa karena mau datang yah ke jakarta. ;D ;D

hillsong juga?? paraghh… hahahahahaha

Daripada NGACO BELO nyimpang ngalor kidul gak karuan mendingan BACA yg ada GUNA nya aja deh soal Iluminati itu ya BIAR jelas aja :

  1. Apakah ITU ?
  2. Sudah sampai dimana sepak terjangnya ?

nih buka dan baca ya websitenya sebagai Bacaan Malam Minggu…biar Ber jaga2 lah dan Waspadalah…

sekilas kutipannya…buat menghangatkan badan aja deh…

Keluarga yang sama yang memiliki dan mengontrol The Federal Reserve (The Fed = Bank Central Amerika Serikat), juga beberapa financial institution dunia paling berpengaruh lainnya yang sangat berkaitan dengan The Temple Mount dan Yerusalem serta bangsa Yahudi pada umumnya. Seperti firman Tuhan katakan, seseorang yang akan muncul sebagai Antikris akan duduk di Bait Suci Yahudi dengan menyatakan diri sebagai Tuhan (2 Tesalonika 2:4) dan akan memerintah dunia dari Yerusalem (bd. Matius 24; Wahyu 13:7-8), yaitu sesaat sebelum kedatangan Yeshua Hamasiah kembali ke bumi. Bait Suci Yahudi (ketiga) akan dibangun lebih dahulu. Oleh siapa? Jelas orang Kristen tidak terlibat dengan pembangunan Bait Suci Yahudi secara langsung, kita hanya terlibat secara nubuatan, kita bekerja untuk nubuatan digenapi. Bait Suci Yahudi berfungsi sebagai tempat menyelenggarakan korban darah. Yeshua Hamasiah telah menyatakan diri sebagai Korban Paskah yang sempurna melalui darah-Nya. Dan His Son’s blood was the perfect sacrifice, tidak mungkin Ia menyuruh orang Kristen untuk membuat tempat menyelenggarakan korban darah binatang lagi. There is no need to shed the blood of dumb animals any longer. Yeshua did a perfect work, and it was finished. Jadi siapa pembangun-pembangunnya? Jelas itu adalah pekerjaan Illuminati.

Sebagaimana Bait Suci Pertama oleh Salomo dimandatkan untuk dibangun oleh Hiram (Raja Tirus, yang di dalam kitab Yesaya direfleksikan sebagai gambaran Iblis), demikian halnya dengan Bait suci Kedua yang dibangun oleh Raja Herodes (Romawi). Dalam hal inilah dinasti Rothschild berperan dalam pembangunan Bait Suci Yahudi Ketiga atas mandat Illuminati.

Segala aktivitas penguasaan keuangan dunia oleh dinasti ini secara pasti telah berjalan menuju satu target Iblis atas dunia: The One World Government di dalam The New World Order, sebagaimana telah mereka canangkan sejak tahun 1776 (kita akan membahasnya kemudian).

Jadi dari sisi pembangunannya, Bait Suci ketiga Yahudi dibangun oleh keterlibatan “dunia” dan Iblis. Ini fakta (bukan statement anti-semit). Kita selalu belajar melihat keberadaan Yahudi dan Israel dari kedua sudut pandang obyektif ini, yaitu Israel sebagai umat Tuhan (Perjanjian Daging /Flesh Covenant), dan Israel sebagai alat Iblis (dalam status sebagai pewaris/pemegang otoritas “phisik” dunia) (bandingkan artikel: Israel sebagai Tanda Akhir Zaman).

Sekali lagi Yeshua Hamasiah akan masuk ke Bait-Nya, The Holy Mountain of God, segera Ia akan membersihkannya, tetapi sebelum itu terjadi seluruh pasukan neraka akan menguasai Yerusalem dan dunia.

Apa yang sebenarnya dibangun oleh dinasti Rothschild ini di Yerusalem? Kita akan melihat kebenarannya dari fakta-fakta berikut.

THE SUPREME COURT BUILDING Gedung Mahkamah Agungnya Israel
Sangat penting bagi kita untuk mengetahui bahwa posisi bangunan-bangunan yang berada di dalam kompleks Knesset ini tersusun dalam garis-garis sejajar berbentuk dua persilangan salib terbalik (inverted cross).

Gedung Parlemen dan Gedung Mahkamah Agung berada di garis pendek. Garis panjang yang memotong garis pendek (membentuk salib) akan berakhir di Rockefeller Museum di utara Gunung Moriah. Tarikan garis-garis ini membentuk “anak kunci”. Segala sesuatu mengenai gedung Mahkamah Agung ini berkaitan dengan detail-detail perhitungan matematika yang berunsurkan angka-angka magic yang secara umum disebut “diabolical” (the cult calculation)…dan seterusnya… Baca sendiri ya ! Pokonya SERU banget2 deh Mistery Persiapan kedatangan Anti Kristus ini…

2 Tesalonika 2 :
9 Kedatangan si pendurhaka (Anti Kristus) itu adalah pekerjaan Iblis,
7 Karena secara rahasia kedurhakaan telah mulai bekerja, tetapi sekarang masih ada yang menahan. Kalau yang menahannya itu telah disingkirkan
8 pada waktu itulah si pendurhaka baru akan menyatakan dirinya, tetapi Tuhan Yesus akan membunuhnya dengan nafas mulut-Nya dan akan memusnahkannya, kalau Ia datang kembali.

setuju sama yang ini…
mendengarkan musik rohani sangat meneduhkan jiwa
trust me it works <— kaya iklan

Illuminati memounyai 7 sasaran yang hendak di capai yaitu :

  1. Menghapus Negara masing masing
  2. Menghapus harta pribadi / ekonomi keluarga dibuat miskin karena ideologie.
  3. Menghapus harta warisan.
  4. Menghapus rasa patriot / cinta tanah air agar dapat menyerahkan tanah airnya untuk kepentingan dunia
  5. Menghapus agama dan menjadikan nya universal menjadi universal – umum –
  6. Menghapus hukum perkawinan, mengganggu kesejahteraan keluarga dan merusak pendidikan anak anak.
  7. Mempbentuk satu pemerintahan.

Ketujuh tujuan illuminati ini termuat dalam satu syair lagu Imagine dan dinyanyikan oleh john lenon. Dia seorang kebatinan murid Maharasyi Yogi yang banyak mengajar tentang Transendental Meditation.

Kelompok Illuminati setelah berhasil dengan protocol Zionis yang membawa Israel bersatu kembali 14 mei 1948 atas dorongan Rothschild terus meningkatkan peranannya membawa dunia ke pemerintahan.
Apa yang dimaksud dengan satu pemerintahan dunia? Media saat ini mewartakan berita mengenai Tatanan Dunia Baru. Antikris adalah tokoh politik akan memerintah dengan dukungan kelompok politik dan ekonomi yang di organisir oleh Illuminati.
Peristiwa terakhir, runtuhnya komunis di eropa timur dan uni soviet akibat pengaruh barat yang kuat. Semuanya ini diatur oleh barat yang didalamnya terdiri dari orang orang Illuminati.

pintar2lah memilih lagu yang di dengarkan… dari lyric nya pun kita udah bisa tau koq :slight_smile:

yang aku denger itu hampir pasti si lady Gaga(l) dan yang lainnya pernah baca di web, beberapa artis K-pop juga, karena itu ternyata adalah tuntutan dari penguasa industri musik dunia, mereka yang mau di promosikan sebagai grup dunia wajib melakukan logo-logo iluminati.

grup2 ini wajib melakukan gaya2 yang menunjukkan identitas mata satu, beberapa gerakan baphomet dan simbol dari cuci otak (brain washing) sebagai simbol dari mind controlled di ikonkan dengan gerakan-gerakan tertentu, seperti gerakan robot atau memakai ikon mickey mouse.

berbicara tentang illuminati pasti tidak lepas dari bicara teori konspirasi, seperti fiksi tapi bukti nyata kenyataannya ada. hal yang paling sederhana cek your one dollar …

ini salah satu web nya, yang lain silahkan di cari dengan kata kunci : k-pop illuminati

enjoy your seat