9 years ago, when I’m 14 years old, something happened. I have problem in my mount, there is jaw cancer ; doctor call it “ameblastoma” in my jaw. I don’t know why just I know I felt afraid, fear, shame, sorrow,… ooo… no… God kill me now! No hope again…
I think better die than I live with this problem, I dont have close friend who give me hope. My mom and dadd so fear too. They do what they can do. They bring me to hospital, and I am very disappointed. No hope, the doctor said “ you never heal”. So bad words, till they decided, i must operated my jaw. Ok I agree. Finally I am heal.
I think thats finished. I say bye-bye my sickness. I am the winner. Rise ! rise! Rise!
3 years later… I am 18 years old,
At the special night, On my bed, I looked to my mount in the mirror, whats? Again? I dont believed this!! So crazy!!
It is true? Oo no…!
The story happen again.
Just cried.
Now… I’m 23 years old, what do you think about me? I’m heal?
Not yet. My mount not yet, but my heart changed. No fear again.
Many person asked me why you looks happy? What makes you …?
If you look at me,I think you will say the same words.
Now, I just smile and i said “ no body, no problem, no something can rob my joy.
Why? Jesus the reason. He stay in my heart. He restored my heart.
I call this, God sovereignth.
Meybe you have many problem. You shout “ give up” I am give up… in this moment I want to say, there is hope, Jesus able. Just believe Him. Come to Him and I am the testimony. I know till this moment, Iwaiting for the miracle, but now I can said : “I never give up because I know Jesus more than enough and I AM JOYFULLL”.
“my Jesus is my joy”.

:afro: Amin !