Matius 17 : 20-21

(20) Ia berkata kepada mereka: "Karena kamu kurang percaya. Sebab Aku berkata kepadamu: Sesungguhnya sekiranya kamu mempunyai iman sebesar biji sesawi saja kamu dapat berkata kepada gunung ini: Pindah dari tempat ini ke sana, --maka gunung ini akan pindah, dan takkan ada yang mustahil bagimu.

(21) (Jenis ini tidak dapat diusir kecuali dengan berdoa dan berpuasa.)"


dengan iman sebesar biji sawi saja dapat memindahkan gunung ? adakah org kristen yg demikian ? sepertinya tidak ada, berarti tidak ada yg beriman seperti biji sawi atau lebih dari biji sawi

Anda belum pernah baca bukan berarti tidak ada. Pengetahuan Anda (yang sangat terbatas) tidak dapat dijadikan patokan untuk menentukan mana yang ada dan tidak ada.

Berikut ini saya tunjukkan:

One day a Jewish vizier, called ibn Killin, went to Caliph Mo 'izz, and maliciously told4 him, "You know, Prince of the Faith- ful, it is written in the book of the Nazarenes (meaning the New Testament, of course) that if any person has faith as much as a grain of mustard seed, he can move a mountain. Why not ask their Pope to verify this verse in action? I£ he can do so, well and good; if he cannot they should all be punished for bearing foe witness against God." These words sounded logical to Mo 'izz, so he sent for Abba Abraam and asked him i£ such a verse really existed. When the Man -of-God affirmed it, No 'izz told him: "There are many thousands of Christians in my realm. Find one among them who can perform such a miracle; otherwise I shall exterminate you all with the sword." The Pope was too dazed to reply immediately; then regaining his com- posure, he asked for a three day's respite, which were granted.
Abba Abraam headed straight for the church of al Mu 'dllakah, then sent for clergy and people and disclosed to them the Caliph's demand. As for him, he remained' in the Church keeping total abstinence; he travailed mightily in prayer. Before dawn of the third day as he dozed off out of sheer weariness, the blessed Virgin appeared to him and said: "Fear not, 0 faithful shepherd; I will not forget the tears you have shed in this Church, nor forego the prayers and fasting of your people. Go out now from the gate leading to the market, and you shall meet a one- eyed man bearing a pitcher on his back. Get hold of him, for he is the man designated by God to perform this miracle." With these words, She disappeared. Abba Abraam woke up reassured and alert and hurried towards the gate. As the porter opened it for him, he saw the very man designated by the Mother- of-God. Getting hold of him, the Pope took him inside the Church and disclosed to him the vision he had in answer to his prayers and asked him who he was. The unknown man replied that he was called Simeon-the- Tanner, and that he wakes up at dawn daily to fill his pitcher with water and distribute it among the aged, the infirm, and those who cannot pay the wages of the water-carrier. After this service of charity he goes to the tanning house where is a hired labourer. At sunset, he usuaUy takes a frugal meal, and spends most of the night in prayer. Ending his report about himself, Simeon asked Abba Abraam to keep it a secret wkile he lived, then, added "Go up to the mountain singled out by the king. Take with you your priests and your people. Carry aloft the Gospels, censors, crosses, and long candles. When you stand at the top of the mountain, read what portions you choose of the Gospel. Then you and your priests chant the "Kyrie-layson," -or "Lord, have mercy" keep absolute silence for a few seconds, then prostrate yourselves in unison before the Most High. Repeat the process thrice. Each time, you stand up after the prostration, sign the mountain with the Cross. ' Then shall you behold the gbry a€ God'. As for me, I shall stand immediately behind you." Abba Abraam, with heart at ease, went to Mo 'izz and declared his readiness. The Caliph took his retinue and sallied forth to the sound of the trumpet. At the top of the mountain (called to this day the Mokattam, meaning broken) each group stood facing the other. The instructions of Simeon the tanner were followed implicitly. Each time the sign of the cross was made the mountain shook perceptibly and a loud sound was heard. At this unexpected sign, Mo 'izz proclaimed: "Great are Thou, 0 God." Turning to Abba Abraam he said: "This is enough to testify to the verity of your faith."
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