newbie in Christianity

Hi there!
I just baptized on June, 3rd 2012 in Taiwan.
Recently back home and break up with my 7 years-ex-bf who literally introduce me to Jesus.
He cheated on me and left a big scar on my heart.

I believe that Jesus always beside me through this… but, as a human…i feel alone.
My family still push me to pray as a moslem…and no bf whom usually back me up :’(

Today i randomly browse anything about Christian and found this website.
Love a lot of posts.
Feel excited read them one by one :afro:

If anyone have the same stories like me as a newbie… please share, it will strengthen me up :wink:

hai maryza,

welcome to this forum…
you are not alone… Jesus and us is here for u and ready for help you… :slight_smile:

Congratulation Maryza is Christian
pray: GOD JESUS save your family
GOD JESUS bless lead protect you
GOD help you live in faith holy love

Hi, I used to also have a similar problem with you.

What I do is keep praying, I was invited into a colony of prayer / where others call cell community. There our mutual sharing, mutual open, pray for each other, and encourage one another with the Word of God.

And do not forget to read the Bible as well, because faith comes by hearing, hearing the Word of God. it will further strengthen us in this life.

That’s all from me :slight_smile:
God Bless You …

Hi Maryza

Welcome… :azn: :ashamed0002:

We will pray for you … may Our Jesus Christ bless you and your family… :angel: