Pamelas Prayer

Pamelas Prayer

Her mother died the day she was born.Her father raised her with very high moral standards. He taught her a certain perspective about purity and marriage.All of her friends were dating. Pamela was not.It was hard.It
seemed unfair.She didn’t understand

…until the day she got married.

Film ini(Drama Kristian) sangat layak untuk di tonton.Banyak pesan dan Nilai nilai kebenaran di dalam nya

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Pamela’s Prayer - [1/6]

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prayer request for all newly and not so newly baptised… please pray so that God bless them with enough strength so that they may pass thru incercari…

yaolllooh. dikirain gw film Pamela anderson yang tobat…

i am so curious with this film but couldn’t open the link provided…can you give me another link?