Paskah : Hey, where is my egg? | Hey, where is my lamb?

Mereka telah menggantikannya dengan ayam

Kapparot is a ritual some Jews perform before Yom Kippur, where a chicken is waved over the head three times in order to symbolically transfer one's sins to the chicken. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor.

Since the Holy Temple is no longer standing and no sacrifices for sin can be offered, those who know Yeshua (Jesus) can trust in the sacrifice that He made for our atonement.

However, 99.9% of the Jewish people today do not believe that Yeshua is the Messiah.

And with no Temple in Jerusalem for the past 2000 years, they have replaced the animal blood sacrifice with prayer (tefilah), repentance (teshuvah), and charity or good deeds (tzedakah).


Dunia modern telah menggantikannya dengan telur warna-warni nan indah

Where is my lamb?