Prophetic Word for Malaysia and Thailand -by- Chuck D Pierce

Prophecies for Malaysia and Thailand

Thank you so much for praying and giving toward our trip to Asia. That assignment was non-stop, but we saw breakthrough from Korea to Thailand to Malaysia. As I previously shared, it is difficult to navigate through Malaysia’s political and religious factions. In the middle of one of my sessions, Daniel Ho, a leading apostolic leader, received a call from the state’s Sultan (Islamic leadership) to come in for questioning. The week before, his fellowship had hosted a “thanksgiving meal” where people of other faiths were invited. The religious police actually stormed his facility, creating national and international news. I made time to visit their church, and immediately sensed an incredible angelic presence.

I then remembered the word the Lord had given me early on the morning of Sunday, June 26: “Daniel will withstand his testing!” At the time I received it, I really did not know to whom or what it applied. However, when I was with Apostle Daniel, the Spirit of God quickened that word and I declared it over him. He will need great wisdom and favor as he moves through the legal process that may ensue. Continue to lift him up as well as the other apostles of God’s Kingdom in the nation of Malaysia.

Incredible revelation came forward in every meeting. Below are several of the prophecies that were released during our time there:

“You Have Entered Your Next Three Years”

And the Lord would say to Malaysia, "You have entered your next three years. This night represents a transition into the three years ahead. The warfare will grow very strong in the next sixteen months. Do not, do not, do not back off, but enter into celebration and enter into rejoicing. And in the midst of the warfare coming against you there will be breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough for My people in this land!

"You will enter the season called ‘contending,’ but these three years I am changing the rule of the heavens. I am changing the rule of the heavens, because tonight represents that in the earth realm. My people are taking a stand in a new way, and where they have not been fully understood in one season, I will now raise them up and they will begin to rule the atmosphere of the heavens in this land.

"These three years are important to understand. You are entering your next three-year transition this night. From this, a new administration is beginning. You are moving into a Kingdom administration that has never been fully expressed in this land or that which has come from this land to other lands.

"You have been waiting for Me, but I have been waiting for you. I have been waiting for you to get positioned, because I have a sound in you that has never developed and come forth with power. This year, choose for the sound of Malaysia to rise up in the worship of this rainbow nation. And if you will do that, I will unlock the riches of the promise that I have put over the land. If you’ll worship from north to south, and from east to west, and then gather for three days, I will re-sanctify this land in days ahead. You are a people that will roar mightily in days ahead, so allow Me to draw My sound out of you.

“Enter in With Me”

"There will be a consolidating of ministries. I am going to have people cross over and I’m going to cause them to begin to be grafted into new councils, in new ways. I am going to cause revelation from one season to be brought into a new season. I am going to cause a people to be trained up to hear. I am going to cause a people to rise up to worship. Behold, I do a new thing and you are on the verge of entering in that new thing. You are closer than you know.

"Come beyond your 11 season and enter with Me into 12. But enter in with Me and know there is a new administration, and a new way of doing things, and a new core mission, and a new way of aligning. Recognize the fathers and mothers in your midst and enter in with Me. And if you will enter in, I will come with My power, I will come with My glory, and I will create a people that begin to express Me in a way that will shake the lands around this nation.

"For the dragon nations are now at a place of choice. But I have a people who I am rising up like oxen and lions. And because I am rising up the oxen and lions in My nations, they will roar with a sound that changes the atmosphere and creates a new prophetic covering. I have new sounds and new songs over you. I have new ways of expression I am calling you to. I have new ways of prosperity. For I am a God, who, if you align with My covenant, you will prosper.

“I am preparing the people to come up out of the wilderness as a Bride to meet Me in a new way. I am preparing a people who are going to raise the veil from the last season and see Me new and fresh in a new season.” (I saw a lace veil of His glory coming down on the people, and they only needed to reach up into it!) The Lord says, “I’m clothing you for a new season. I’m clothing you. I’m giving you new identities. This new identity that I’m putting on you is creating conflict where you walk and what you do. You will have grace to deal with your conflict.”

Some of you are pressing for your life out of the last season. You have had bad diagnoses physically, and the Lord says you’re going to press out! Watch the signs. I hear Him saying there will be dramatic healings in this new season. Dramatic healings! That’s what God is saying. I don’t know even what that means. Dramatic healings in the new season.

“You Will Now Dance a New Dance of Triumph and Victory!”

The Lord said, “There will be such a worship shift. For this new veil will enable you to dance in a way you’ve never danced before. The wedding dance is beginning over Malaysia, and His people will dance. Where they couldn’t dance in the last 16 years, they will now dance a new dance of triumph and victory!”

Continue to pray for the worship shift which must occur in Malaysia. Whereas Korea and Thailand have broken into a new dimension of worship, the Body of Christ in Malaysia must go beyond where they have been before and enter a new season where their worship presses them past conflict and contention, into a level of authority and victory they have never before experienced.

When we were in Thailand in August 2008, I prophesied, “Get ready! You will open the gateway of the divine worship.” When we returned in October 2010, I prophesied that “the world would know Thailand as the Land of Worship.” Consequently, Apostle Nimit saw the need to host a gathering that would focus on: Unlocking the true call to worship of the Thai people.

Chuck Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries
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