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Choosing a bridesmaid is an important thing.Unless you can afford to have everyone one you know, or you only have one friend, this decision can be cheap wow gold one of the hradest to make. If you’ve been to University you probably have a huge crowd of friends and choosing one that is going to be your right hand lady for the day, without upsetting everyone else is hard.
I’d been bridemais 5 times by the time it was my turn to get married and the normal thing to do would have been to return the favour, but I didn;t really want that many.
So, I stuck to my guns - chose the friend that I’d known the longest and had more or less grown up with and then had little ones.
I asked those that felt they’d been left out to be involved in other ways…one helped me to organise my Hen party as my bridesmaid lived away and didn’t really know any of my local friends. Another did a buy wow gold reading in the church ceremony for me and others just made sure I had a cracking day!

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