Tanya tentang Billy Graham

Halo teman2. saya baru. Kebetulan saya baca artikel yang mengejutkan saya. Saya sejak kecil percaya Billy Graham penginjil yang baik namun saya baca beberapa artikel yang mengatakan bahwa Billy adalah anggauta masonry, yang adalah perkumpulan rahasia yang anggautanya para pembesar2 negara dan katanya semacam kebatinan campur kristen.

Ini salah satu artikelnya dan masih banyak lagi yang saya baca dari berbagai sumber yang menyatakan hal serupa.

Billy Graham: The false prophet, April 17, 2003
By Michael J. Shamp (Opelousas, La.) - See all my reviews

Laodecians will cry and howl, because this book will cause great pain in removing the waxy plug from their ears and the thick scales from their eyes.
Truly Billy Graham is the Rick Warren of the previous generation.
Sadly, like Rick Warren, most people in the Laodicean church, wont even consider the possibility that Graham could be a false leader, and therefore won’t go beyond the first chapter. (…“and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see”…).
What Billy Graham has gotten away with for the last fifty years is amazing.
Keep in mind if it were not true, it would be easier to claim all this took place during a brief moment in his ministry (i.e. a six month period). But for the last fifty years?! If Mrs. Burns were a liar, she’s hardly making things easy for herself.
How could he get the backing of Rockefeller, William Randolph Hurst and other CHRIST HATERS?
How could he go into the former Soviet Union and speak while others have had to go under ground? Remember Bro. Andrew, who risked his life to smuggle bibles into those countries? But Graham just comes marching in like a king with a heroes welcome (hmmm, I wonder?). And when he left the Soviet Union he lied to the world by stating no Christians were being persecuted there, this left those Christians crushed that were hoping he would tell the world about their treatment!
I know that a person is not necessarily guilty by association but, Graham has, through his actions if not his words has endorsed so many unworthy characters. How?
Read about:
How his ecumenical leanings have swayed the protestant church ever more towards Roman Catholicism.
How Graham has allowed Catholic priests to work the altars.
How that after a person fills out the inquiry card towards the end of the service, many of those cards are sent to the Roman Catholic Church as well as other liberal churches. (Lambs to the slaughter?)
How he has shared his platform with the likes of Robert Schuller and Norman Vincent Peale. Schuller is a new ager and Peale was a 33 deg. mason and didn’t even believe in the virgin birth among other Christian fundamentals! No wonder no Pastor in America, standing behind a pulpit would criticize these characters, because after all “Brother Graham” thinks they are just fine. What a tragedy!
I loaned this book to a couple of Christian friends of mine just to see what they would say, one was a Baptist preacher, Sure enough, they wouldn’t believe it. They wouldn’t consider the possibility that maybe one of their own could be a false prophet. Open your eyes Church and wake up!!
Luk 6:26 “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets”.
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