wow powerleveling save me a lot

I’ve been tanking in WoW since the release of WotLK and I loved it. World of Wacraft’s next expansion world of warcraft power leveling is releasing on December 7th.that means we get back to boring power leveling.
The official World of Warcraft site has been updated with a look at Archaeology, a new profession coming when Cataclysm launches. Other new professions include Cooking, First Aid and Fishing. Archaeology, as its name implies, involves seeking out that which was lost and trying to complete artifacts for unique item rewards.
Completing the rarer artifacts can reward the Archaeologist with unique items, including epic-quality weapons, mounts, and non-combat pets. In addition to world of warcraft power leveling the normal artifact fragments used to finish all research projects, special fragments called keystones can also be found by higher-level players. These fragments are valuable to all Archaeologists because they count as five normal fragments for most research projects, and they can be freely sold and traded. Archaeologists of exceptional skill can also use keystones to grant benefits to their friends in high-end raid instances.
God,god,god.It’s more and more complicated.right?What shall we do?I love WOW,but i hate powerleveling.LOL.I know most of you are same with me.


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